I started this blog as a way to share simple, healthy recipes and meal ideas for my friends and family.  Some recipes are my own creation, some are not-so-healthy recipes I've changed to make healthier, and some are recipes I have found, tried, and adapted to my own tastes.

I haven't always eaten healthily.  And, while trying to maintain my recent weight loss (see My Story to learn about my weight-loss journey), I have been desperately seeking and trying out healthy recipes to find meals that I LIKE. Because I don't want to be skinny at the cost of enjoying food.  That would steal one of the great joys of my life and make me sad. And grumpy.

Enter food blogs. In addition to my own attempts at coming up with recipes I like, I found lots of great ideas to try from various bloggers (check out the blogroll to see who I'm following).  In fact, some of the recipes I share here may be adapted from other blogs; rest assured, I WILL ALWAYS GIVE CREDIT TO THE SOURCE when I borrow something. The English teacher in me would not allow it any other way.

And now, to start my own food blog adventure...