February 16, 2012
Wow, time has really gotten away from me!

I spent all of last weekend (8am-6pm, Saturday & Sunday) in my first round of yoga certification classes at Omaha Yoga School, and I feel like I've been playing catch-up on errands, housework, and work all this week. However, the classes on Saturday and Sunday were awesome--I learned a lot about different types of yoga and every single detail (as well as lots of tips and modifications) on a number of asanas, or poses. The group is small--there were only 12 of us--but it was the perfect size for lots of individualized instruction, and the other students were really nice and fun to be around.

Even though we only got through the first 18-20 hours of my 200 hour program, they told us that we should start teaching yoga right away to groups of 3-4 people so that we can start practicing our teaching (which, by the way, I discovered is way different and more difficult than simply doing yoga for yourself). So, I will probably have to back off of my running a little bit so that I can fit in some yoga teaching opportunities into my schedule. No 10K in the near future for me, I think (I still haven't had a chance/the stamina to run more than 4 miles at any one time yet), but I did register for the Blarney Stone 5K race in Omaha on March 17th. Registration includes a free pint glass as well as free beer and pizza after the race, so it sounds like a lot of fun!

Anyway, here is my schedule from this week (since I'm so late in posting it), as well as for next week (again, since it's already so late in the week):

Sunday (2/12): Yoga class
Monday (2/13): Rest
Tuesday (2/14): Walk 5/Run 30/Walk 5   **I had to cut it short to get to a hair appointment on time!
Wednesday (2/15): Yoga class
Thursday (2/16): Teach yoga!
Friday (2/17): Rest
Saturday (2/18): A.M. Yoga class, P.M. teach yoga!
Sunday (2/19): Walk 5/Run 45/Walk 5
Monday (2/20): Rest
Tuesday (2/21): Either run or teach yoga
Wednesday (2/22): Yoga class
Thursday (2/23): Teach yoga!
Friday (2/24): Rest
Saturday (2/25): Yoga certification training

February 7, 2012
Well, I managed to get all my workouts in last week--even including during the weekend, despite the fact that I was visiting a friend in Chicago. She went with me to a yoga class on Saturday, and then she walked the trail around a lake while I ran it on Sunday. I'm glad I got out and got some exercise while I was gone, so I don't have to feel badly about splurging on snacks or desserts while I was visiting. :)

On an exciting note, I start my yoga certification classes this coming weekend! The classes are 8am-6pm on Saturday and Sunday, so it will definitely make for a tiring weekend, but I'm excited to get started!

This week is going to be a bit nuts for me, between extremely busy days at work and a couple of get-togethers with friends in the evenings, but I'll just try to work around it as much as possible. Here is my plan for this week:
Sunday (2/5) Walk 5/Run 45/Walk 5
Monday (2/6) Rest
Tuesday (2/7) Rest
Wednesday (2/8) Yoga class
Thursday (2/9) Walk 5/Run 45/Walk 5
Friday (2/10) Rest
Saturday (2/11) Yoga class

January 29, 2012 
Ugh. Another crazy week. That's okay, though. I missed a run (or two), but it was kind of nice to take a break...even if it did make it a little harder to make myself go run again today. But the world didn't end, and I was still able to jump back into my routine this weekend without too much trouble. :)

My schedule this week is a little wonky (again). Thursday, I have to be in Lincoln to work for the Nebraska Dept of Education to write possible prompts for the state writing test next year (snore!), then race back to catch the end of parent-teacher conferences at the high school (did I mention I took a new position at a high school in the district? Yeah. Kinda why my days have been crazy lately). So, definitely no running on Thursday. On Friday after work, I'll be flying to Chicago to see one of my best and oldest friends. exercise on Friday. However, Michele has agreed to take me to a yoga class on Saturday, and even go jogging with me on Sunday or Monday (I'm flying back Monday afternoon). Yay! Between that and our marathon shopping sessions (I desperately need more clothes), I'm sure I'll burn tons of calories, which will allow me to indulge in yummy snacks and desserts during our girly-time. ;)

So, here is the schedule I'm going to attempt for this week:
Sunday (1/29): Walk 5/Run 45 (3 intervals)/Walk 5
Monday (1/30): Rest
Tuesday (1/31): Walk 5/Run 45/Walk 5
Wednesday (2/1): Yoga class
Thursday (2/2): Rest
Friday (2/3): Rest
Saturday (2/4): Yoga class
Sunday (2/5): Walk 5/Run 45/Walk 5

January 22, 2012
Well. This week ended up being a bit of a doozy.

I ran, as planned, last Monday. Then I received news that I good friend and former professor of mine had lost her second battle with breast cancer and passed away (rest eternal, dear Gigi) and the memorial service would be on Wednesday. So, I went to Power Yoga on Tuesday instead of my regular Wednesday class--and it kicked my butt! It was a great class, but my arms and legs felt like jello by the time I left, and I was dripping in sweat. I was still pretty stiff and sore on Thursday (and it was really, really cold and blustery out, which seems to suck the life out of me), so I delayed my regular run to Friday afternoon. It was a good run, though-- 3.96 miles in 45 minutes! I hit my regular Saturday morning class, and was all ready to start a new week.

Until my run today. Not gonna lie--it sucked. Just like a few weeks ago, I hit a wall about 2 miles in and just...crapped out. I forced myself to get on a stationary bike and then walk the treadmill at least (since I was at the gym this time) to finish out my time, but it just wasn't in me today. Even with my pre-workout Powerbar.

I suspect, though, that a too-heavy lunch may be partially to blame (lack of motivation today would probably be the rest of the reason). I had leftover meatloaf (made healthy! with lots of veggies in it!) and half a baked potato for lunch. And I found myself having meatloaf-like belches during my run. Ick.  Note to self: stick with salads for lunch on my run days!

Anyway, this week is going to be a bit wonky for me schedule-wise, too. My brother will be in town for dinner on Wednesday, so I'm going out with my mom and my siblings that night. Also, I'm having a medical test/procedure (nothing drastic, I promise) on Thursday, and I'm pretty sure I'll feel pretty tired and/or uncomfortable after that... so we'll see how my plan goes for this week.

Here it is:
Sunday (1/22): Walk 5/Run 45 (in 15-min intervals)/Walk 5  **Note: this didn't happen. FAIL.**
Monday (1/23): Rest (or, possibly, yoga class. Depends on how I feel)
Tuesday (1/24): Power Yoga class
Wednesday (1/25): Rest
Thursday (1/26): Rest
Friday (1/27): Walk 5/Run 45 (in 15-min intervals)/Walk 5
Saturday (1/28): Yoga class

January 16, 2012
Ah, a 3-day weekend! Just what I needed to rejuvenate and reset.

Once again, last week didn't go totally as planned. I had forgotten that mom and I had a hair appointment scheduled for Tuesday afternoon/evening, so I didn't make it out for my run, and I was just too busy to try to squeeze that missed run in somewhere else. Also--I'm not gonna lie--I was dreading my runs last week, for fear that they would be as sucky and as much of a struggle as my last few runs were. Despite a bit of snow that turned into icy roads just in time for the evening commute on Wednesday, I made it (safely!) to yoga class, and then had to miss my Thursday run due to a late meeting with some new teachers. No worries, though--I just hit the gym on Friday instead. I made sure to eat full meals that day (no protein bars or shakes--just solid food all day) and then I munched on a Powerbar during my drive from one of the high schools to the gym. That must have done the trick--because I finally made it through the full first Bridge to 10K workout (four intervals of 10mins each) without stopping.

Even though it was sunny and warm (for January) yesterday, I didn't make it out for a run. It was pretty breezy, and I decided to just take it easy and get a few other things (like laundry) accomplished instead. But it's back to the gym today, as another cold front has moved in. But, I'm working on a new podcast for my 2nd Bridge to 10K workout today, and then I'll make myself head out and do it. I just have to remind myself that I'll feel so much better when I'm done. :)

Here is my plan for this week:
Sunday (1/15) Rest
Monday (1/16) Walk 5/Run 45 (in 15-min intervals)/Walk 5
Tuesday (1/17) Rest
Wednesday (1/18) Yoga class
Thursday (1/19) Walk 5/Run 45 (in 15-min intervals)/Walk 5
Friday (1/20) Rest
Saturday (1/21) Yoga class

January 8, 2012
So, this week didn't go quite as planned fitness-wise. I missed my Wednesday night yoga class due to my family's birthday dinner for me, so I ended up taking a yoga class on Friday instead. No big deal, really. But my run on Thursday sucked. I don't know what happened. I got about 2 miles in and just hit a wall and pooped out. I would walk a little, then try to run again, then have to stop and walk...I finally gave up at 2.34 miles. Ugh.

Thursday's run really made me dread my run today, but even though it was a struggle, it was still better than Thursday. I did about 3.21 miles in 38 minutes. I'm not sure what to do... one friend suggested I cross-train--do some biking--instead for a couple workouts. Maybe I should eat more carbs on my running days (since I run in the afternoons/evenings) to help with energy.  I'll experiment a little and see what works best, I guess.

My Week 9 of the Couch to 5K program was kind of a failure, but I still plan to push forward with the Bridge to 10K program. It reverts back to intervals to help build endurance for the added distance. We'll see how Week 1 of the 10K program goes on Tuesday. If I can't do it or it is too much of a struggle, I'll take a step back from running to try something else for a week or so.

Anyway, here is my fitness schedule for this week (hopefully):

Sunday (1/8) Walk 5/Run 30 mins (in 10-min intervals)/Walk 5
Monday (1/9) Rest
Tuesday (1/10) Walk 5/Run 40 mins (in 10-min intervals)/Walk 5
Wednesday (1/11) Yoga class
Thursday (1/12) Walk 5/Run 40 mins (in 10-min intervals)/Walk 5
Friday (1/13) Rest
Saturday (1/14) Yoga class

January, 2, 2012
Well, I completed Week 8 of the Couch to 5K running program yesterday. In my brand new, fancy running shoes. I got these shoes for Christmas (via gift certificate) ---->
I tried them out for the first time yesterday, and I have decided that expensive, fancy running shoes do actually make a difference--my feet weren't as fatigued, and I had no hot spots or blisters started at the end of my run. Also, I ran 3.28 miles in 38 minutes, so I'm pretty sure these shoes made me run faster. ;) 

I start Week 9--the final week--of the Couch to 5K running program tomorrow. We'll see how this week goes, as Week 8 was a bit of a struggle for me. I think I've decided, though, that once I complete Week 9, I'll move on to the Bridge to 10K running plan that I found on Facebook (by accident). The woman that did the Couch to 5K podcasts that I like so much should be just about ready to publish her podcasts for the Bridge to 10K any day now, so that will help, too.

Anyway,  here is my plan for this week:

Sunday (1/1) Walk 5/Run 28/Walk 5
Monday (1/2) Rest
Tuesday (1/3) Walk 5/Run 30/Walk 5
Wednesday (1/4) Yoga class
Thursday (1/5) Walk 5/Run 30/Walk 5
Friday (1/6) Rest
Saturday (1/7) Yoga class

December 26, 2011
I started Week 8 of the Couch to 5K running program today! I should have started it yesterday, but I felt so sluggish after 2 days of bouncing around to visit relatives and eat...and then eating some more. I put off running as long as I could today--I just really still didn't feel like it--but I'm glad I went, as it felt good to get out and move once I got started (though it wasn't all roses and rainbows--it was tough to finish running toward the end tonight).

Also, today I ran 3.21 miles in 38 minutes-- that's farther and faster than my Turkey Trot time a month ago (3.1 miles at 38:30). Woo! Maybe I can work toward a 10K after all...I really wasn't sure if I could, but it certainly seems a lot more attainable now!

Here is my fitness schedule for this week (I may add a lunchtime yoga class on Friday, since I won't be able to fit 3 runs in this week):

Sunday (12/25)Rest
Monday (12/26) Walk 5/Run 28/Walk 5
Tuesday (12/27) Rest
Wednesday (12/28) Yoga class
Thursday (12/29) Walk 5/Run 28/Walk 5
Friday (12/30) Rest
Saturday (12/31) Yoga class 

December 19, 2011
I started Week 7 of the Couch to 5K running program yesterday. It consisted of a 5-minute warm-up walk, 25-minute run (no more intervals!), then 5-minute cool-down walk. I had done the same thing at the end of Week 6, so I figured this would be a piece of cake. Or, at least, not the death of me.


The first 10 minutes wasn't too bad, but by minute 12 of the run, I was really struggling. My legs were burning, and I was struggling to breathe. I kept having to stop and walk for about 30-60 seconds every few minutes. "What the heck?" I thought (only more colorfully than that). Then I remembered--last week, I ran primarily on the track in the gym because it was yucky and wintery out. Yesterday was nice (cold, but sunny and not too windy), so I ran outside. On concrete. With several hills. Duh.  Oh, well. We're supposed to get snow tonight and/or tomorrow, so it looks like tomorrow's run is back on the track at the gym. *sigh* Back to running in circles.

Anyway, here is my fitness schedule for this week, in case you're interested:

Sunday (12/18) Walk 5mins/Run 25mins/Walk 5mins
Monday (12/19) Rest
Tuesday (12/20) Walk 5/Run 25/Walk 5
Wednesday (12/21) Yoga class
Thursday (12/22) Walk 5/Run 25/Walk 5
Friday (12/23) Rest
Saturday (12/24) Yoga class 

December 17, 2011
So, what have I been doing for fitness, you ask?

Well. As a general rule, I dislike exercise. And sweating. Also, I suck at it.  PE class was a traumatic experience for me--every year for 8 years (lucky me, my district allowed us to opt out of high school PE if we took JROTC instead. Hello uniforms and marching practice, goodbye evil PE teachers!).

When I first started losing weight, I went on 30-minute walks with my sister. Not speed-walking, just... walking and talking. As I started to shed pounds, I remembered a yoga class I enjoyed in college, so I went back to my gym (which I hadn't visited since...I first signed up) and started taking yoga once a week. Then twice a week. Then twice a week with the walks. Then, when the weather got colder, I was doing yoga twice a week and cardio (elliptical/recumbent bike) once a week. Then twice a week.... You see where this is going.

Once I decided to run a 5K, I stopped doing cardio at the gym and started the Couch to 5K running plan (it's all about intervals and starting small, y'all). The first time I ran intervals outside, I almost fell flat on my face; it's really hard to run and keep track of timing on a cheap watch.  So I found some podcasts with decent music and voice-cues for when to run and walk.

I only trained for about 3 weeks before the 5K Turkey Trot race, but I did okay, running with an old friend who cheered me along. Since the race, I have continued the running plan (just finished week 6!), so I can work my way up to a better/faster 5K...and maybe--maybe--a 10K someday. We'll see.

In the meantime, I have continued taking yoga classes at my gym. I LOVE yoga. I love what it does for my body (strength & flexibility) as well as for my mind (focus and sanity).  I'm even considering signing up for the 200-hour yoga certification program that starts in February. 

Keep checking back to this page, as I will try to update it each week with my current workouts and progress!


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